Welcome to Ipswich Chess

Chess is enjoyed by people of all ages. This site details opportunities within the Ipswich area for social and competitive play. Please click through to the detailed pages below for full information, and see our regular updates and bulletins.
Ipswich Senior Chess Logo

Ipswich Chess Club

Senior and competitive chess

Click the logo for full details of the club - which is active throughout the winter season, with competitive and friendly play. Come along or email us at ipswichchess@gmail.com

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Ipswich Junior Chess Club

Chess for young people of all abilities

Click the logo for more information - each Saturday at Ipswich County Library, 09:45 -11:45 except for certain school holiday weekends and parts of the summer (see page for more info).  Contact us via ipswichjuniorchess@gmail.com

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Simple Chess Videos from the Junior Club

Because the Junior Club often attract young beginners, we get involved in explaining many basic topics during the sessions. To help with this, and so kids can be taught by other kids rather than or as well as adults, we have produced a few simple videos for basic chess topics. These can be watched as many times as you want at a time to suit you - click through to see our chess videos here.

Other Clubs and Chess Resources in Suffolk

Suffolk Chess Website

Suffolk Chess Website has info on chess activities in the county, including all senior clubs


Suffolk Junior Chess Website

Efforts are being made to coordinate chess between schools and junior clubs. Visit the website for details: http://www.suffolkjuniorchess.org/

Bury Knights Chess Club

Bury Knights Chess Club meet on Friday evenings 18:00 to 20:00 from September to Easter. 

Try the club's website  www.buryknightschess.org.uk or look for details on Facebook

Martlesham Junior Chess Club

IM and WGM Dagne Ciuksyte runs individual and joint lessons to all level junior chessplayers (and their parents) concentrating on intensive chess tuition. For more information please contact Dagne at mjchessclub@gmail.com, or check all details on www.dagnechess.co.uk. Dagne has also run many innovative and inclusive chess tournaments - check the Senior or Junior pages for more details and entry forms, as the events are suitable for all standards and ages.